Gone a-fishing in the Wear

Not for the faint-hearted – learning how to add live bait to your fishing line from a member of Ryhope Sea View Angling Club…

Friday 16 June 2017
Great to see the excitement and anticipation of youngsters from Valley Road Community Primary School as they had a go angling on the River Wear.

They were there as part of a Heritage Coast initiative and members of Ryhope Sea View Angling Club were on hand to show how to use a fishing rod.

There were a few squeals of disgust and a certain amount of reticence when it came to picking up the bait in the form of live rag worm (must admit, it wasn’t something I personally regretted not trying!).

Most of the youngsters seemed to pick up the technique of casting out their lines into the river and then it was down to the waiting game and seeing if any passing fish would be tempted. One pupil was disappointed when he thought he’d caught a monster fish, only to haul in a clump of seaweed.

There was a fair amount of excitement when others managed to catch a crab or two. But the magic moment finally came when a young girl reeled in a flat fish.

Word soon spread that someone had caught a real fish and the youngsters quickly gathered around to examine the denizen of the deep. There followed a quick lesson from one of the angling club members about why the fish has a mottle-coloured upper skin and white underneath (all to do with camouflage apparently). Then, hooked removed, everyone looked as the fish was returned to the river where it swam away with what appeared to be lightening speed.

A pupil from Valley Road Community Primary School eyes up his prize catch of the day after learning how to hold the creature so as not to receive a painful nip!
Look what I caught – after a few clumps of seaweed, a crab or two and a mussel there was a real sense of pride and fishing kudos for this youngster, who actually caught a fish…


Everyone gathers round as a member from Ryhope Sea View Angling Club explains how fish use camouflage…