A taster for the 2018 Tall Ships event in Sunderland…

The ‘Stavros S NIarchos’ at anchor of the Sunderland coast at Hendon…

Monday 26 June 2017
Such a stirring sight off Sunderland’s coast at Hendon!

This vessel, which had dropped anchor a short distance offshore, is the ‘Stavros S Niarchos’, a British brig-rigged tall ship, owned and operated by the Tall Ships Youth Trust (TSYT) and it’s exciting to think that there will be a good few more sights like this next year when the Tall Ships arrive on Wearside.

This particular tall ship provides young people with the opportunity to undertake voyages as character-building exercises, although it seems, she’s up for sail. The TSYT are looking to concentrate on smaller vessels as sailing ships of this size prove very costly to operate.

A taste of what’s to come – the Tall Ships will be visiting Sunderland in 2018, meanwhile the ‘Stavros S Niarchos’ has been giving us a taste of what to expect!